“Dear Zeus, and all you other G.O.D.S. who live here, grant that I may become beautiful within, and that whatever outward things I have may be in harmony with the spirit inside me. May I understand that it is only the wise who are rich, and may I have only as much A.D. as a temperate person needs.”
– A fragment of the anthem created by Socrates to the 20th anniversary of the end of Titanomachy


The war with the Invaders was one of the cruelest and most dramatic events in the history of mankind. Tangible example of this is certainly the region that its inhabitants call Achaia. As a result of the war once fertile and vibrant land turned into dangerous, shrouded in darkness wastelands. Glorious cities, mostly turned to rubble, became a habitat for beasts begotten of the wrath of the Titans, what Invaders are called here. However, several centers survived, thanks to the Chosen Ones called G.O.D.S… After darkness enveloped the Earth, the tamed Titan Helios, an artificial sun illuminating the gloom, is people’s only hope.. However, the Megapolis of Kronos remains unquestionably the Central place of the region.. The holy city of the Achaeans, the last place where you can live almost the same way you had lived before the war.

Playing the G.O.D.S.

“– Indeed, the civilization of the man stretched out on the entire globe once. The lands were divided among smaller and larger countries. Empires were rising and falling, and people, contrary to popular opinion, lived shorter than they do today, not being surrounded by common splendor and wealth. Also, a significant part of the technology, which today’s residents of Achaia can’t imagine their life without, didn’t exist. It was the very technology that was torn out from viscera of Invaders, thanks to the individual heroism, the cleverness and the resourcefulness of our savior Zeus.

Of course, I agree with you, there was not a significant part of the technology by which Olympus controls our lives now. There were no cyberprostheses, for example, such as those equipped by the troops of the Gorgo syndicate; you must admit that without them it would be difficult to arrange a bloodbath like the one at the Plato Academy? There wouldn`t be the persistent black cloud over Achaia, but for you it’s probably a defect, because if people could normally cultivate the land, how would you steer prices for junk slop, I mean – aminoserum. What else didn`t we have… contamination, ephemera, able to force a vending machine to kill a man, mutant beasts and ambrosia, with which you can easily control a society of drug addicts…

You’re forgetting yourself sir…

Ah! And I almost forgot, there weren’t as yet the full of complexes, degenerate sociopaths who think that they can play gods!”

Fragment of the interview given by professor Daedalus shortly before his mysterious disappearance