Formally residents of Achaia are free. Formally there is no judicial system in Achaia. In theory inhabitants of the City do not have to submit to any law.

Yet in fact all of us are slaves of ambrosia judged by Nemeses who come in the middle of the night by virtue of the more powerful law, the law of coin…

OverWatch Logos is a company created as part of the Logos consortium and its purpose is to guarantee safety within the crater area. The officers of OverWatch Logos were clearing the post-impact areas of dangerous technologies that remained after the war. They also dealt with elimination of the Titans’ army remnants and organized first safe settlements, surrounded with a wall and constantly protected against degenerate fauna and gangs of looters.

Many denizens of Neoolympus think that they played their role great. Some would gladly add that OverWatch Logos is no longer needed as it has changed from humanity’s protector into its warden.

OverWatch Logos is managed by Zeus’ close associate, often called a “favorite daughter” behind the scenes, Athena.

Officially OverWatch Logos sustains only a few small squads whose function is rather representative. However, among Aristoi there is a common opinion that OverWatch could mobilize thousands of soldiers in just a few hours.

One of the darkest cards in the organization’s history is the “Operation Orestes”, at the very mention of which many of Aristoi break out in a cold sweat. Operation Orestes is also called the least professional action ever conducted by Erinyes – mainly because it is commonly known that they took part in it.

Among the most recognizable symbols of OverWatch are, occasionally emerging, silent, animorphic drones, designed to resemble birds of prey. These peculiar devices accompany residents of the City at any moment of their lives – promoted as symbols of security, perceived by increasing number of citizens as eyes and ears of cybernetic snitches.