Many years ago, when the old world was declining and the Hellens were on the brink of extinction, a secret research group was instituted under a codename of Echidna. Having included the greatest mind of contemporary world, it was given a single task – to find a way to save the human race and deliver knowledge necessary to defeat the Titans.

The world was saved and the Titans destroyed.

The group didn’t disband however, they just went underground. Members of the group understood the Titans well enough to notice that what Zeus’ regime proudly called a victory, was in reality just another element of Invaders’ plan.

Today members of Echidna operate in hiding, trying to work out the biomachines’ scheme and to prepare for their ultimate overthrow.

And to achieve that, they will not hesitate to use even the most immoral means.

For they do not care which of the Aristoi will be marked with the strongest thread in the Loom of Fate. What they do care about is that the human race’s thread will not get torn down.