“We are your beginning and the end, the final punishment and reward. Your hope and doom. Get on your knees and give up hope, accept Chaos and it shall become your Order.”

– Fragment of the message sent to the planet 12 hours before the Invasion.


Cybermythica is a universe which is a kind of a hybrid between mythology and cyberpunk. Our story isn`t a vision of a future Earth, but an alternative reality where myths and legends merge with futuristic technology. With all these features we are giving into your hands a unique world that you won’t find anywhere else.

Achaia is the main setting for the Cybermythica universe, and the giant city of Megapolis Kronos is its heart. It is where you will begin your adventure with the universe of cybernetic mythologies, in our vision of cyberpunk Hellas.

Apocalypse Now

60 years have passed since the day when the earth trembled, and just after a moment burst into flames. The war, unexpected and absurd for us, took millions of lives and turned to dust all that we knew and loved. It is still unknown where the Invaders arrived from. One of the theories states that they had always been with us – asleep deep in the earth’s core, another one says that they came from outer space. There is also a hypothesis, although it’s never spoken of aloud, that the Invaders were rebellious machines that we created ourselves… One thing is certain, for them we were nothing more than mere food, biomass to be processed.

They didn’t take into account our will to survive which had driven human kind since the dawn of time. The Days of Trial revealed exceptional leaders among us, brilliant generals, heroes who we called Chosen Ones at that time. They became an inspiration for us, showing us through their courage and sacrifice the route to our final victory. We skillfully adopted and turned against the invaders their own weapons that were supposed to destroy human race. Mastering this odd technology was the key to the triumph of Mankind. Except… did we really win?

Man or machine?

Today, 60 years after the Great War, we are building a new civilization on gigantic corpses of the defeated Invaders. To survive, we had to give away a part of our humanity in favor of new technology. Initial necessity quickly turned into an addiction. Now we are asking ourselves a question whether there are still boundaries between man and machine or maybe they have already been blurred. Have we remained human beings or have we become abominations we had fought?

It`s not easy to separate dreams from reality, lies from truth. How to accept the proximity of the recent enemy, the disgusting symbiosis that we cannot live without? Who is the parasite here and who is the host?

We do not seek redemption because it won`t be given to us, but can we bear the consequences of addiction?